About Us

We're dedicated to bringing affordable communities into the Snohomish County area

The world needs affordable housing. The term shouldn’t be an oxymoron.

Himalaya Homes is a family business started in 1979 by Zak and Chitra Parpia, immigrants of Bombay, India, now to be passed into the second generation. Our highly unique value proposition is in our very DNA as a business.

We have decades of experience in property management, land acquisition and homebuilding in Western Washington. We are dedicated to serving the community and making the Puget Sound more livable.


Why Himalaya Homes?

We bring our specialized systems, industry experience, strong ethics and trustworthy reputation to the table.

Local to the community

Himalaya Homes is born and bred in the Pacific Northwest. We are a local business keen on making our community the best it can be.

Over 45 years in WA

With over 45 years of homebuilding experience in Washington State, Zak Parpia has built a career transforming raw land into beautiful finished homes.

Family company

Core values